Angelic Reiki®

A treatment with Angelic Reiki® is a safe and natural way to handle many situations. The healing energy is about the cause of the problem rather than the results or symptoms, whether it is on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.

It can be used in conjunction with traditional medicine and other complementary or holistic therapies.

Angelic Reiki® benefits in various situations such as stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression and many other diseases, including pain and chronic problems, but can not replace conventional cancer care, surgery or psychiatric care.

Most people relax by listening to music and enjoying treatment, others can see beautiful colors or gain insight into the subject.

Everyone's experience is unique!

Angelic Reiki® is applied in many cases to physical, emotional and mental problems as well as to karmic problems and other conditions or areas of life.

Angelic Reiki® balances the body, calms emotions and gives clarity to the mind, restores energy flow, soothes and strengthens. The results of the session continue to develop even weeks after treatment. 

The Angelic Reiki healing sessions are limited to energetic treatments and not intended to diagnose or replace professional medical or psychological treatments, nor to provide financial, legal or medical advice or serve as a substitute for medical or professional care.
All sessions will be held via Zoom!

Angelic Reiki Healing