Who are you?

Are you the person that your parents want, your school, your friends, the society, the government, your kids?

Why can you easily succeed in some areas of your life and in others it feels like hitting a wall every time you try to improve those areas, even though you have tried to fix them with different methods or techniques?

Why is it so easy for some people to find love and not for you? Why do some people have a lot of money, much more than they need and you have to struggle to pay your bills every month? Why do some people manifest everything they want and you can’t?

During a Soul Realignment session, you will find out who you are on a soul level, what are your gifts, characteristics and talents are from the moment you were created. Eleni will get access to your Akashic Records and give you all the information you need about your Divine Soul Blueprint.
You will also find out the blockages and restrictions you have created with your choices in your past and present lifetimes.

All this information will help you understand why you are attracted to certain people and situations over and over again. Why the story repeats itself so many times. But also you will get the chance to clear all these blockages and restrictions and start living as a soul completely realigned with your Divine Soul Blueprint through the new choices you will make.

We are Divine Beings having a human experience.
We came to earth to BE who we really are!
Let's make this life more fun!
All sessions will be held via Zoom!

Soul Realingment Session